Need to organize your music? This is for you!

AudioZip is a really complete and unique tool that music collectors have been waiting for!

Programmed by a collector for collectors. Offering everything you need at hand.

A desktop application for Windows that was born in 2012 and grew up guided by the idea of creating a new multi-use tool to organize a collection of music files.

From ripping, unzipping, renaming files and folders, tagging, converting, cutting, image editing and much more to moving albums into a folder structure, everything is special and easy.

AudioZip shows up in 5 different languages (English, Español, Deutsch, Français and Italian).

Take a look to the 60 screenshots to get impressed and read the details below.

You just will need AudioZip!      No need for a lot of different applications!

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Supported formats:

Audio >> aac, ac3, aif, aiff, alac, ape, cda, fla, flac, m4a, m4b, mac, mp+, mp1, mp2, mp3, mp4, mpc, mpp, ogg, oga, wav, wma, wv

TAG >> ID3 (v1.0, v1.1, v2.2, v2.3, v2.4), APE(v1+2), FLAC, MP4, OGG, WMA, CD-Text

Picture >> bmp, exr, gif, ico, j2c, j2k, jif, jng, jp2, jpe, jpeg, jpg, jxr, wdp, hdp, pbm, pfm, pgm, png, ppm, targa, tga, tif, tiff, wap, wbm, wbmp, webp, xpm

What can AudioZip do? The long long list...

· AudioZip has been tested with Windows XP to Windows 10. Windows 11 shouldn’t cause any problems either, but it hasn’t been tested yet.

  All windows fit monitors with a minimum resolution of 800 x 600 pixels.

· AudioZip can start by unzipping the containers, if any…

  With 1 click, any number of 7zip-supported files is unpacked, the respective target folder is correctly renamed using the TAG information and all

  unnecessary subfolder eliminated (All files in one folder).

· It can be renamed as often as you like (folder name easily adjustable) or

  be reverted to the original name if the TAG info is missing or incomplete.

· The integrated player enables instant listening.

· Deleting unnecessary files can be done instantly as well as inserting files (covers e.g.).

· TAG information can be added, edited or deleted (including images). Batch processing configurable.

  AudioZip displays all TAG frames contained in the TAG, including the so-called reverse domain frames in MP4 TAGs, which

  may contain personal data and can therefore also be deleted.

  Many (almost all… all but the player specific) complex ID3 frames can be easily edited.

· The special JoinCDs function allows you to easily join multiple CDs in a single folder by dragging with the mouse,

  adapting the information of the TAGs.

· Well-tagged albums (folders) can be recompressed in zip and 7z formats (split, password…).

· Support of synchronized lyrics in ID3v2 and WMA with configurable LyricsViewer and own SyncMaster (editor).

  LRC files are also supported.

· AutoTagging via scripts for currently 8 websites ( cover search incl.). Anyone who knows can also create own scripts.

· Lyrics search via scripts for currently 4 websites.

· Own, intuitive ScriptEditor with layouts and its assistant.

· CD-Ripper with conversion to 8 different formats ‘on-the-fly’. Multi-CD-ripping.

· AudioConvert to convert to 8 different audio formats.

· CueSplitter for splitting audios with the well-known CueSheets.

· AudioCut to cut/split audios with available silence detection.

· View images, also in original size for evaluation… Animated GIF files can be reproduced.

· Edit images: crop, max size, rotate, flip, convert… .webp format is also supported.

  Edit the image as a file and also directly in the TAG.

· Read and edit text files

· Create playlists automatically.

· Create album info.

· Rename the music files using the TAG information with another click (adjustable).

· Fast renaming of covers (e.g. front, back, inlet…). Adjustable.

· The menu for searching in Internet is also freely configurable.

· QuickEditor with many useful functions (text editor).

· Own HTML-Viewer for TAG-Specs and the manuals with the F1 key.

· Own unlocker that detects locked files and offers solutions.

· AudioZip monitors your free disk space wherever new files are created, configurable.

· A maximum of file information

· Last but not least: The automated copying/moving of your albums to their final destination in a configurable folder structure.

· For more details please see the manual (File, TAG, image types and full descriptions…)


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