This is your download page.

Here you will find the latest version of AudioZip, updates and some files to recover if they got lost.

To install any of both software versions extract the zip archive, read the text file and run the installer!

Your opinion is my inspiration!
Please write to me about your experiences with AudioZip!

Change log

//// Version 1.0 first release december 2022

//// Version 1.1 released july 2023  

· Added: French and Italian translations

· Added: System to detect new translations and manuals automatically

· Improved: Check for correct number of lines in lang files and advise

If incorrect, info is shown and default English is loaded

· Improved: Check for validity of data.txt to avoid exceptions

If incorrect, info is shown and the default configuration is loaded

· Improved: Displaying of big binary data can take time (GEOB)

The 4 different display results are now stored separately to make it faster

If loading is stopped before, the display can be completed later from that point

· Improved: Stop button for renaming folders and message when finished

· Improved: ChangeWords function now allows grouping of words

· Improved: Window Final step

More info shown when target folder exists:
Total number of files, file types and their number and total size of both source and target folder for better control
‘Skip always’ button added
Display of number of ‘folders done’
Opening of each target folder in Explorer by double click or CTRL+ENTER
Message with sound when operation finished.

· Fix: Trailing dots in folder names are always deleted. Windows doesn’t like it.

· Fix: In rare cases the continuous music playing could stop at any point

· Fix: Line index exceptions could be raised moving mouse over files list

· Updated the manuals to version 1.1

AudioZip 1.1 full version (38,6 MB)

After payment you will get 1 mail to confirm your order and containing your license key.

Please keep that license key safe and your mail accessible to be able to install AudioZip and get future updates.

On installation, this license key will be verified and a unique installation key will be sent to your mail and only yours.

This double security enables you to install AudioZip as often you need to and protects myself a bit more against piracy!

I think that’s fair!

New version !

AudioZip 1.1 free restricted test version (37,5 MB)

This version is fully functional but restricted in the use of many functions.

Built to let you know how AudioZip works, just for testing!

All special functions can be applied 3 times per session and to a maximum of 3 selected items.

The player is not limited and the AudioConvert can be used up to 7 times to test all the supplied codecs.

Get a trial!


Update to AudioZip v 1.1   (11,2 MB)   Only for the full version

Update  TaggingScripts 19.11.2023   (7,45 KB)   For all versions (Startpage, GnuDB, Allmusic, Amazon)   NEW

Original files to recover

All files are to be copied to their respective location in the AudioZip installation directory.

The zip archives contain all files of the same category. First unzip to any folder and choose the files you need.

Data.txt   (1,15 KB)   For all versions  (19,2 KB)    For all versions  (5,7 KB)    For all versions   (1,87 KB)    For all versions   (317 KB)   Only for AudioZip v 1.1 test!   (317 KB)   Only for AudioZip v 1.1 full!

Need other files? Please request on support! Soon they will appear here.