Here you will find subtitled tutorials explaining how AudioZip works!

They will appear here as soon as they get finished.

They don´t contain spoken words but subtitles in English, Español, Deutsch, Français and Italian.

Please choose the subtitles before starting to watch the videos!

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Dont forget to have a look to the manual for deeper explications!

Tutorial 1

Loading elements, extracting containers, AutoTagging and general overview.

This first tutorial will show you how to load elements to AudioZip, to extract containers to automatically renamed folders and how to use AudioZip’s AutoTagging.

The general overview gives quick impressions about the configuration, easy renaming of files and folders, viewing TAG specs, the AudioZip LyricsViewer and many other tools that will be explained in future tutorials.

Tutorial 2

Ripping CDs and using the JoinCD function.

This second tutorial will show you how to use AudioZip’s CD-Ripper and the amazing JoinCD function for automatic joining of Multi-CDs into 1 folder.

You also will learn how to quickly add some TAG frames with AudioZip’s Advanced Tagging window to a full album and to copy/paste a picture from your Browser directly into a TAG.

In work: The 3 audio tools ..