Here you will find subtitled tutorials explaining how AudioZip works!

They will appear here as soon as they get finished.

They don´t contain spoken words but subtitles in English, Español, Deutsch, Français and Italiano.

Please choose the subtitles before starting to watch the videos!

AudioZip’s interface is set to English in all tutorials to cover a wide audience!

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Dont forget to have a look to the manual for deeper explications!

Tutorial 1

Loading elements, extracting containers, AutoTagging and general overview.

This first tutorial will show you how to load elements to AudioZip, to extract containers to automatically renamed folders and how to use AudioZip’s AutoTagging.

The general overview gives quick impressions about the configuration, easy renaming of files and folders, viewing TAG specs, the AudioZip LyricsViewer and many other tools that will be explained in future tutorials.

Tutorial 2

Ripping CDs and using the JoinCD function.

This second tutorial will show you how to use AudioZip’s CD-Ripper and the amazing JoinCD function for automatic joining of Multi-CDs into 1 folder.

You also will learn how to quickly add some TAG frames with AudioZip’s Advanced Tagging window to a full album and to copy/paste a picture from your Browser directly into a TAG.

Tutorial 3

Converting audio files to other formats conserving a maximum of TAG information.

This third tutorial will explain AudioZip’s AudioConvert.
You will learn how to convert audio files to different formats conserving a maximum of TAG information as no other software does!

AudioZip’s internal TAGMapping is more complete as any other
you can find over the Internet.

Tutorial 4

Splitting big album files into separate song files using CueSheets.

This fourth tutorial will explain AudioZip’s CueSplitter.
You will learn how to split a big album file into separate song files
using CueSheets and converting them to different formats on the fly if desired!

Tutorial 5

Cutting audio files and splitting big album files by automatic track detection.

This fifth tutorial will explain AudioZip’s AudioCut.
You will learn how to cut an audio file or devide
a big album file into its tracks with automatic track/silence detection!

The idea of intrducing a cutting tool to AudioZip surged when I first ripped a CD with a hidden track included.
The last track of that CD had a very long silent sequence at its end, followed by a bonus track.
That long silence had to go away!
The development advanced till including an automatic track/silence detection too.

Tutorial 6

Deep analysis of TAGs, manual editing and repairing audio files.

Are you ready to have a deep look into your music TAGs?
This sixth tutorial will show how to wipe out undesired info or material from your file TAGs,
how to read and edit every frame or add new ones,
how to use AudioZip’s HTML-Viewer to consult TAG specs or the manual,
explain the 2 ways of batch editing in AudioZip,
how to solve the trouble with Roman Numbers and activated TAG formatting
and even how to repair audio files with wrong TAG types or file extensions.

Did you know that MP4 TAGs can expose your personal email account?
Did you know that ID3 or WMA TAGs can contain pictures or videos with explicit content stored in binary frames which other software simply ignores?
AudioZip shows you everything inside any TAG type and helps to identify undesired material and of course to delete it!
I invite you to have a deep look into TAGs.
You should know what is stored there!

Tutorial 7

How to use QuickEditor, ImageEditor and compress album folders (zip, 7z).

This seventh tutorial will show the different usages of AudioZip’s QuickEditor,
a customized text editor to help solving special situations.
QuickEditor offers many special functions to edit folder and file names and batch editing of the basic TAG frames.
It can be used also for other jobs not related to AudioZip’s common purposes!
You will learn how to use AudioZip’s ImageEditor to handle images in files or directly in TAGs.
You also will learn how to recompress (zip, 7z) your album folders to store them as a safe backup,
splitting them into parts and protect them by password if needed!

Tutorial 8

AudioZip’s configuration in details.

This eighth tutorial will show in details AudioZip’s configuration.

Beside the general settings of language, sounds and others you will learn how to add new menu items to fast rename image files or to search albums or artists on the internet.

It will also explain how to create new profiles to show synced lyrics the way you like!

Tutorial 9

How to create synchronized lyrics with AudioZip’s SyncMaster.

Have you ever created synced lyrics yourself?

This nineth tutorial will show you how easy it is with AudioZip!
I’ll create with you step by step new synchronized lyrics and explain all functions of AudioZip’s SyncMaster.

Before doing this you’ll learn how to search static lyrics on Internet.

In work: The amazing FinalStep function ..